18 07, 2022

The Different Types of SEO to Improve Your Website’s Visibility and SERP Ranking.

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A key component of content development, marketing, and distribution is search engine optimization (SEO). You must eventually disseminate your content so that the majority of people can access it. Most people associate SEO with a specific type of optimization: putting keywords on pages. Although that is a crucial component of SEO, there is much more to it. In actuality, that's [...]

5 11, 2018

Modern Blogger Outreach Strategies: 5 Steps to Syndicating Your Content Without Negatively Impacting Your SEO

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Not long ago, Google reminded marketers that syndicating their content to multiple sites around the web for the sake of getting backlinks could lead to lost search engine rankings, due to both spammy linking activity and to spreading low-value, duplicate content. It didn't take long before every publisher on the web was terrified of getting slapped with a duplicate content [...]

12 05, 2017

Local SEO : Why should you care ?

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If you run any kind of business that has location that customers can visit, or one which provides services in a certain local area, then local SEO should definitely be something to care about. Many small business owners have taken some actions to improve their “traditional” SEO, such as improving the speed at which their page loads, or adding useful [...]

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