Using a guest post service has been proven to be a brilliant tactic for spreading the word about your brand and increasing web traffic at the same time.

When you buy guest posts and enjoy the link building positives that come with that approach you will also be reaping the rewards in terms of boosting your organic search credentials.

Using a guest post service that includes blogger outreach presents you with the perfect opportunity to grow your brand in an organic way. Here is a look at some of the key benefits associated with using guest posts followed by a top ten list of the best service providers around.

The case for using guest posts

The fundamental purpose of guest posting is to use this form of natural marketing as a way of increasing exposure to your brand in a way that wins the trust of your target audience because you have been invited to contribute content by the website owner.

It should go without saying that web traffic is the oxygen that breathes life into your business. Your goal is about link building by using a blogger outreach service to get that exposure, and guest posts are such an effective tool that even if you don’t get a link to your site you can still increase traffic flow with a beautifully crafted professional article.

Guest posting also makes it easier to connect with influencers and it is a tactic that opens a lot of doors and creates opportunities when you become part of the community of contributors online.

A good level of exposure on the main social media platforms is also an essential aspect of your overall marketing strategy and when you submit a guest post to a blog that enjoys a good level of social media exposure this boosts your own profile in a very organic way.

Another important point to remember is that online marketing in today’s world is often all about how much online authority you manage to accumulate. When you contribute a guest post to an authoritative blog it has the ability to improve your own level of credibility as an information source.

Using a guest posting service will help you improve your level of online authority and the real payback of that scenario is the fact that your growing audience will be more receptive to your own messages as time goes by.

The majority of blogs are happy to accept that in return for providing quality content you can have a link back to your own site. No money changes hands for the guest post you provide but there is arguably more valuable currency involved in terms of improving your backlink profile and boosting your SEO standing in the process.

Whether you decide to use a white-label guest posting service, or buy guest posts, the rewards still add up when you consider what an effective tool guest posts can be in growing brand awareness and generating the sort of qualified leads that can be viewed as marketing gold.

Now that you know why you might want to buy guest posts and the benefits attached to using a guest post and blogger outreach service here is our top ten of the best services around with a summary of their main attributes.

Best Guest Posting Services

#1 OutreachZ

top guest posting service provider

All things considered, OutreachZ stands out as the prime candidate if you want a provider who can provide you with a top quality guest post service, combined with excellent link building and blogger outreach credentials.

Why do they deserve the #1 spot?

OutreachZ offers you access to the largest niche blogs marketplace, with more than 2,500 blogs to choose from across no less than 20 niches.

The team already has more than 8 years of experience in this sphere and they offer the lowest prices as a result of their marketplace fee structure, which tends to ensure that they are invariably at least 50% less expensive than the leading providers.

Quality-control procedures are robust with all blogs used have been vetted and are owned by individual bloggers. You can be sure that OureachZ won’t expose you to any low-quality guest posting farms or private blog networks. You can also use your own content if you prefer.

A notable aspect of their service portfolio is an invite-only platform that is exclusive to serious buyers, ensuring their specific needs are handled in the most professional way.

The icing on the cake is their great levels of support and service. You can buy with confidence from OutreachZ as they offer an industry-leading 12-month guarantee on links.

OutreachZ deserves top billing when you consider how well they compare to their rivals in terms of their range of services, the level of quality you can expect, and competitive prices that mean you will be getting good value for money when you buy guest posts from them.

#2 RankZ

best guest posting service

RankZ excels in custom blogger outreach campaigns for those who need a more tailored approach to rank in the most competitive niches. While they are known for bespoke blogger outreach campaigns they manage to do it efficiently with a consistent turn around time as they have a very large inhouse team based out in Bangalore, India.

What is special about them is the fact that they have been in custom guest posting service for more than 9 years and serve as the outsourcing vendor for leading agencies across US and UK. So if you want cost effective, yet the highest quality links that one can proactively build, RankZ is the way to go, and do not worry about the content as they work with a large team of native American writers that produce far superior content to what you can buy from most of the content writing platforms, so another point in their favor and that’s not even the best part, is the price, being an offshore agency, the costs are pretty sweet.

#3 Outreach Mama

This provider promises to deliver guest posts that appear on the highest quality blogs. Outreach Mama has also managed to earn a strong reputation for providing content that delivers on its promise of premium quality.

In view of their dominant position in the marketplace, they are often able to get outreach approval for guest posting and they are fairly unique when it comes to their willingness to share some of their SEO and guest posting tools.

Their guest post service aims to handle everything from content creation, right through to outreach and placement. It promises to deliver SEO-boosting links as a result of placing your content on popular blogs.

Outreach Mama follows a five-step guest posting service and you can expect to pay anywhere from $180 to $230 depending on the strength of the link authority.

This provider enjoys a prominent position in our rankings as a result of its access to organic traffic and customer service feedback. Their pricing policy is reasonably competitive and you can customize orders to a certain extent.

#4 Lovetolink

This provider actually provides a list of its available guest blogging sites in its site and that includes supplying important details such as organic traffic and authority, together with how old the site is, all of which allows you to make an informed decision when purchasing.

Love to Link has positioned itself as a provider that is geared up for bulk orders within a short space of time, which could be useful if you are on a tight timeframe.

Being able to view the organic traffic numbers and pick a category and offer agency discounts based on the size of your order. You can expect a 5% discount for an order of 10 or more posts, a 7% discount for 20+ sites, and 10% when your order exceeds 40 sites.

They expect to fulfill your order within 7-14 days but there are certain niches they don’t work in, such as gambling, adult, or pharma.

#5 SeoEaze

This provider makes a point of emphasizing the importance of using proven link building strategies so that you avoid the wrath of Google in terms of penalties and updates that could otherwise prove detrimental to your site ranking.

It aims to achieve this aim by producing guest posts with natural anchor text. The posts are written exclusively by native English writers and they aim to make sure the keywords are optimized in order to ensure that the post is as search engine friendly as possible.

If you are not happy with the content, which is offered as 100% original, they offer unlimited revisions until you are satisfied.

There are five main pricing plans on offer. Their standard prices range from between $199 and $999 and the average cost per link comes in at somewhere between $100 and $200, which includes the cost of the content.

SeoEaze focuses its attention mainly on content creation and is not as well known for blogger outreach services. What you see is what you get with this company, and that honest approach ensures they make the list.

#6 BibiBuzz

It is always worth including a smaller operator that tends to punch above its weight, and BibiBuzz fits that particular description.

The business is run by a lone SEO so you get a personalized approach that is capable of helping you build a natural link profile. The primary way they set about getting the links is by using guest posting services and their pricing strategy is similarly straightforward.

You can expect to pay in the region of at least $4,000 for every 10 links requested. This price includes everything you would expect for that sort of money, including content and publishing fees.

BibiBuzz offers a transparent and personal service. However, it does have its obvious limitations due to its size, and prices are not the lowest you will find.

#7 Smash Digital

It is always good to come across a provider who is not afraid to think outside the box and Smash Digital has managed to acquire quite a reputation for doing just that.

Their ideas might not be for everyone, as they have some radical views that challenge conventional thinking on what is widely accepted as conventional SEO knowledge. Having said all that, it is relevant to know that they still rely on guest posts to get you the links you are after.

If you want your links built on high DA sites of 50+ you can expect to pay about $600 per link. Obviously, the price comes down as you move down the DA scale. Basic monthly plans start from $1,199 and that includes access to a tracking service that lets you monitor link progress.

Smash Digital deserves to make the list as a result of their desire to do things differently, which might appeal to some of you.

#8 Gloc Media

The main point to highlight about Gloc Media is the fact that their service offering is designed to focus more on quality rather than quantity.

Slow and steady wins the race as far as they are concerned and their approach is all about using manual link building campaigns that are intended to ensure that your site progressively rises in the rankings in an organic way.

Primarily, Gloc Media offers guest bloggers who are tasked to produce professional content that are placed on third-party niche blogs. A typical price for this service is $30 per link for a 30+DA.

Their pricing is reasonably competitive for guest posting but not so much when it comes to blogger outreach, so they may not be so suitable if you are looking for a complete package.


This provider’s main offering is white hat digital marketing and they are very adaptable and flexible when it comes to creating a pricing model that suits your requirements.

Amongst their four main packages they offer guest posting services. What is different about Shortlist in this respect is the fact that their contracts don’t lock you in for long periods or minimum spends.

Basically, you can come and go as you please, within reason, which could be useful if you are after that sort of contract flexibility.

Their pricing works out to be in the region of $150 for a standard guest post that has organic traffic of 500+. Moving up the scale, a premium guest post with organic traffic of 1000+ will be charged at $250, and their platinum service comes in at $350.

Shortlist is good at giving you access to project managers when you need to talk to someone and it is fair to say that what they are offering can be considered competitive in terms of pricing, although clearly not the cheapest.

#10 FatJoe

FatJoe is a slick operation that knows its way around the world of SEO, operating as a link building service provider for more than 1000 agencies across the globe.

As you would expect from a provider with this sort of marketing muscle they make it easy to track and manage your order from a dashboard that is user-friendly. Their link building tactics are heavily slanted towards using guest posts to get you the links that you are after.

They promise to create content that is non-promotional in style so that it does not get treated as a post that is purely written with the sole intention of getting a backlink. 

As with most of the agencies on this list, you tend to pay for what you get when it comes to quality placements. Their pricing can be as low as $35 for the lowest DA sites and rises to about $350 per link at the high end of the DA scale.

FatJoe is primarily focused on delivering content rather than blogger outreach services and they have the market experience to be able to deliver a professional service.

#11- The Hoth

The final choice for the top ten of best guest posting services is The Hoth, who offer quite a wide variety of guest posting options and packages, so there is bound to be a service that suits your requirements.

The two of particular interest are Hoth GuestPost and GuestPost PRO. Their GuestPost service is the main service they offer with a pricing structure that is scaled according to the level of DA authority you want.

The main difference between their standard service and the PRO service is to do with the way prospects are chosen. What this means is that the PRO package is more focused on the volume of organic traffic each resource is achieving as opposed to being guided by the site’s DA.

To give you some idea as to what this difference means in terms of pricing, you can expect to be charged about $200 for a link to a site with 1000 organic visitors and $500 when that traffic exceeds 20,000 visitors.

Their price list and structure is quite extensive, which can actually be a bit tiresome when you are trying to find what you want, but they do tend to be competitive across the board.

The Hoth offers a variety of services and gives you access to a range of different strategies and pricing.

There are a number of highly compelling reasons why you would want to invest in organic search traffic. It is a simple philosophy when it comes to using guest posts as a way of boosting visitor numbers and increasing your ranking at the same time.

Every time you manage to publish a new piece of content it can have a positive impact on how many new visitors come to your site. Although the general mechanics of how guest posting works is simple but effective you need to develop a strategy that helps you achieve your marketing goals in the most organic way possible.

The best way of getting where you want to be is to seek out a professional guest posting service that can help you by producing compelling content that is then placed on sites that deliver the best results for your site in terms of quality and generating visitor numbers.

The service providers on this list all have something to recommend about them and this guide should help you to find the right one for all of your needs. Having made your choice, it should prove to be a smart move that opens up a world of possibilities as you increase your online presence.