Infographics are the go-to marketing tool to earn high-quality organic backlinks and referral traffic.

We have produced Infographics that have been picked up by leading publications like Techcrunch, Mashable, Forbes, Entrepreneur etc. Here is what our Infographic Design service entails.



We start with the single most important step of creating a shareable Infographic: brainstorming the right concept. It's quite essential that the topic is fresh, shareable and can be turned into an eye catchy design. One has to think that far ahead while conceptualizing the Infographic topic.

Research & Data Analysis

We start drilling Interesting stats, data and follow them up with solid sources & references. This takes hours of research and analysis.

Finding the Narrative

To convert the stats and the data at hand to a free flowing and interesting script is the challenge. It takes a special set of skills to keep the script short, interesting and highly informative and we are proud to have some highly experienced writers who could throughput such a script.

Sending For Approval

Once we have the design ready, we send it out to the client for a final approval and based on their input, we finalize the design, ready to conquer the web, wait that's a bit too much, ready to get you some quality links, yeah that sounds about right.

Infographic Marketing

We market Infographics to leading online web blogs to earn you quality, authentic reclamation links. We do not guarantee that Infographic will be picked up by leading publications, we rather target authentic niche blogs.




Points/Vectors Price
10-20 199
20-30 299


Words Up to Price
600 50
1000 100


DA Up to Qty Price/Placement
DA 30+ 1 105
10 95
30+ 85
DA40+ 1 205
10 185
30+ 175

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