Do You Have a Multi-Language Website? Here are 3 Ways You Can Optimize Your Website for International Presence


Sep 2019

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If your SEO focus is primarily on local searches that is a strategy that could mean you are missing out on a world of opportunities from international customers. 

The fundamental point that you always need to have in your mind is that you can reach out to any customer in the world, which is why optimizing your website for international searches could be pivotal to your business growth.

Here is a look at how you can optimize your website for international customers.

Focus on using geographic keywords

It is widely considered that consistently using SEO initiatives and link building strategies should help boost your Google rankings, so the suggestion is to adopt the following tactics if you want to grow your client base and consider using external resources for maximum impact.

One strategy that should hit the spot when it comes to widening your search for new business would be to use geographic keywords.

Obviously, keywords are the engine room of your SEO strategy and your aim should be to incorporate keywords that are indicative of your location. It is easy to include a country name in your keywords and using location tags will allow Google to recognize you as a business that offers products or services in that region.

Lost in translation

Country-specific keywords will definitely help but if your website is only available in one language your sales message could get lost in translation.

Translating your pages into the local language can be done manually or you might want to use an agency to assist with the plugin and translation services.

The reason this is such a good idea is because the language of the country you are targeting will take priority in search rankings and results, providing your business with greater visibility.

Don’t forget your URL

Optimizing your website for international business opportunities also involves making adjustments to your URL.

It is suggested that you set about creating subdomains or country codes for the geographical locations that you want to target. If you take a look at how global corporations do this you will notice that the vast majority of leading companies consistently use international codes to create a clear distinction with their international content.

Again, if you are not sure how to do this yourself it would be a good idea to get some professional guidance. How you set up your website and optimize it for international searches will be a major factor in how successful you are in reaching out to new markets around the world.

These three strategies should spearhead your attempts to attract new international sales alongside other initiatives that can all combine to make your business more visible when someone in another country is searching for a product that you can sell to them.

Having a multi-language website and optimizing your site for international searches is a strategy that you can’t afford to ignore if you want to grow your business.