Top 10 Future-Proof Link Building Tactics That Work Wonders in 2019


Sep 2019

If you want your business or agency to grow organically and achieve a higher profile along the way link building is an important strategy and, arguably, pivotal to your success in climbing the Google rankings.

Here is a look at what sort of link building tactics you need to adopt and why they matter for your business.

Be mindful of PageRank distribution

It is highly relevant to appreciate the fact that being able to achieve high ranking at the top of Google with the right keywords can feel like you have added rocket fuel to your business growth plans.

PageRank distribution is essential to all websites and it is considered a critical factor as algorithms adapt and evolve.

What you need to know is that if a webpage on your site contains a highly concentrated PageRank it could trigger an alert that artificial link building tactics might be in play.

This is not good for your website’s link naturality which is why the tactic should be to have an efficient interlinking strategy in order to remove the prospect of a high PageRank concentration.

Always be wary of a high PageRank distribution as this could impact on your rankings. 

Keep it simple

There is a proven strategy that can be considered future-proof and if you follow some simple steps every time you should be able to enjoy ranking success.

Your primary objective should be to find sites that have high domain authority. Once identified, email the prospect requesting a link. If you get a positive response, sort out the deal and the look for another link building prospect using the same tactics.

It’s not rocket science, but it does work.

Guest posts work

There is no question that using guest posts to build links is still a great tactic as long as you focus on quality and keep it relevant to your business and industry.

Guest posts are a no-brainer when you consider that they add value in the form of quality links and manage to increase brand awareness and boost referral traffic at the same time.

Use content marketing

Content marketing is a viable tactic for achieving links on high-end sites and publications.

If you can provide something useful that is viewed as adding value it increases the chances of getting top-tier exposure, which will be good for your rankings.

You need to engage your audience

In order to enjoy good quality inbound links, your audience needs to be engaged enough to stay on your site for more than a few seconds and the first couple of paragraphs.

Spending a percentage of your marketing budget on getting good quality content should turn out to be money well spent in terms of your rankings prospects.

Consider the use of interactive data

Infographics have been popular as a link building strategy because they add value by providing content that captivates attention and adds value.

Interactive data is rapidly being seen as a viable alternative to infographics and it is a tactic that can yield plenty of high-quality links when it’s done right.

Use Link Roundups 

Link roundups are a weekly collection of your industry’s best content and if you can get your link in a roundup it should generate some useful referral traffic,

Get to know key influencers

An evergreen strategy that will always have a place in your checklist of SEO tactics is to do what you can to take advantage of influencers operating in your niche territory.

This relationship should enable you to build some powerful links to your site.

Make use of resource pages

Aim to get links from highly-rated resource pages and the big bonus is the fact that you should see some decent quality traffic hitting your site.

Guest blogging

Finally, it is worth reiterating that if you approach guest blogging in the right way it is a proven method that should see your site’s rankings and traffic levels rise significantly.

If you want to maintain and improve your Google rankings you will need to be proactive and get help with your marketing efforts where its needed.