The Top 5 Types of Backlinks to Build for SEO Success 


Jun 2022
Types of Backlinks

A glance at quality backlinks and backlinking services that can transform your SEO backlink regime. 

Content creation is the intricate art of a lifetime. Every content creator aims to rank on top of search engines. Any SEO professional would say that acquiring and customizing link building is the code of every single content marketing practice. Getting a quality backlink is a very crucial task to master. SEO Backlinks act as the backbone of core SEO practices. 

However, there are numerous varieties and types of backlinks. Getting quality backlinks is a skill to master and one has to have a very keen sense and should know the quality of backlinks through applied research. Let us focus on the types of backlinks that can help you build an extremely successful SEO campaign. Before we move on to the types of backlinks, we should know the answer to the prime query. 

What are Backlinks? 

In the most common terms, we can say backlinks are the tools that act as a big ranking factor for Google and numerous other major search engines. In the technical aspect of SEO practices, backlinks are also known as inbound links for incoming links. These are primarily the links to your pages from the other websites that act as a base for Google for fact-checking, relevance, and the overall acceptability of the said content. The Google search engine algorithm is generally assumed to prefer backlink-rich content to display on-the-top search results. 

One thing to keep in mind is that SEO backlinks are just like tools to develop, but they can also be a weapon to destroy your SEO balance. Generally, the page rank algorithm also calculates the value of each link. Dumping backlinks may not be the core ranking factor on Google or any other search engine. 

There are many varieties of backlinks. You must learn about the types of backlinks that exist in the primal SEO practices to ensure all-around SEO growth of your content. 

The 5 types of backlinks that help to boost SEO 

We’ve understood that backlinks are a kind of tool to boost the SEO score of a website. Now, we will understand the different types of backlinks and the purpose that they serve to boost particular SEO and score better rank on the search engines. 

1. Guest Post Backlinks 

Guest posting is one of the most important and productive ways of generating quality backlinks, as well as an introduction to a broader audience for your website. As a guest contributor, you can mention your link within the post. You can diligently arrange your links on a keyword or phrase. However, some websites do have their own set of regulations and generally link all kinds of links throughout selective phrases and towards the end of their article to the authors’ bio. 

Guest blogs not only help you as a contributor to their website, but you can also use internal links to have a greater click-through rate from the users. 

How to get guest post backlinks 

To be a master guest blogger for websites, your content should be authoritative in its niche. You must ensure valuable information via your blogs and articles. However, there are several different factors that decide the availability of your values via your posts. So you might consider collaborating with other guest bloggers and mixing and matching your content strategy to ensure effective engagement and; thus more visitors. To ensure the success of

your guest posting, you might consider writing for varied websites. Here is how you can find them. 

Pitching via email 

Pitching your blog to the Webmaster via email can be a tedious process, but this can be highly effective when you are targeting a certain set of niches or a certain website for your content. Having cold emails sent to different webmasters can be very demoralizing. You must know that you will be rejected numerous times before you will get your one break via a good website. 

However, a continuous approach can land you a good website and a great reputation as a writer. 

Follow other guest bloggers 

When you follow good websites that have authority over content marketing, you should note the guest bloggers and their content on the website to assume the process and methods of the writer. After understanding the standard and the methods of the said website, you can send direct emails to those sites and ask for a guest post. 

Google search 

This is one of the most common practices for searching for sites allowing guest postings. You can just search for websites allowing guest posting or you can search for certain keywords like contribute, guest post write for us, submit a post, and get the desired result to get going on your guest posting journey. 

2. Editorial Backlinks 

As the name suggests, an editorial backlink is an SEO backlink on another website that connects back to your website and vice versa. Usually, these kinds of backlinks are on large publication houses, but they can also be on popular niche best sites. Having these kinds of quality backlinks on your website automatically establishes you as a fact-checked, trustworthy content creator and a content platform for a broader audience. 

Editorial links are one of the greatest ways to rank your site on search engines. However, like every tool, they also have a certain drawback to their usage. Because editorial links are used by high-value media houses, they can also divert visitors to them instead of your content.

How to get editorial backlinks 

There are numerous ways of getting editorial backlinks. However, the most curative and creative way is to: 

Create high-value-oriented content 

High-value content ensures that quality people are reading your content. During the cycle, you can get featured in the media hubs for featured sourced articles. 

Collaborate with featured content creators 

This step may sound tough, but this can generate very rich traffic for you. Collaboration with featured creators gives you the opportunity to provide high-value information in the most concise manner that is acceptable by top-quality media houses, and that might land you a quality backlink. 

Refer to your target company 

You can create content sticking around the target company and mention them via referrals. When you advertise your own article blog, make sure that your target companies are referred to and they know about your mention. Companies love free marketing, and chances are that they will share your article because they have been mentioned. This will land you a premium, quality editorial backlink. 

3. Social Links 

Social links are one of the most common practices for backlinking services. These are the links that you see on social media tabs and ads. Basically, these are the call-to-action buttons present on the social media tabs and ads that take you to a certain website of the publisher. 

The link-building practices among different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Quora, can save you time and money because already the audience has been funneled according to their interest and you can get warm leads as target audiences from social media linking. 

How to get social backlinks 

The general link-building exercises are the best way to get social media battles to a website. They are intelligent placements and hyperlinking of words and websites, along with the content that shows up in the social media feed.

Facebook link building 

Facebook offers plenty of space to build links to your websites for articles. You can build links directly from the About section of your profile, your pages about tabs, your personal profile, and page posts. People can directly get on your Facebook page and then get directed to your website. 

Twitter link building 

Twitter offers limited space for link building, but the prospects you get from Twitter are high quality. You can build links via your Twitter website field, your bio and the photo video to which viewers can be directed to your website via short content. 

Youtube link building 

YouTube is a great video-sharing platform. You can be a YouTube creator and your page accessibility will be highly possible. People who visit your channel can visit the links, which you can link to on the About page and video descriptions. 

4. Business Profile Backlinks 

As the name suggests, business profile backlinks are the backlinks linked to the local business website other than citations. Generally, businesses can exchange backlinks Why are a network which is specially dedicated to back link creation and distribution, where the systematic movement of SEO backlinks are driven by the people who need the links (reporters and bloggers) and the people who actually create the content in need of exposure (you). 

In the most simple terms, Business profile backlinks help one business to get the links in order to get the exposure in this way, both the sides create a win-win situation for the reachability of their prospects to newer territories of audiences. 

How to get business profile backlinks 

Become a resource for bloggers and reporters 

The term resource, I’m implying, is to be the supplier of content to bloggers and reporters. They will require your content and you will require their links. In this way, you will be helping each other in generating what you actually need. 

Use proven content formats to get links

Most Internet content is ignored because of poor marketing. You have to follow the content that actually generates links better than the others, then use them to match your leverage and craft your content around that framework to gain more links. 

Use Google business profile 

Google Business Profile is a great way to get business backlinks via different methods such as Posting about your product with a link that not only advertises your product, but it also directs the visitors to the website. You can also use the appointment link on the Google business profile to get your website going in the organic Google search results. 

5. Acknowledgement Backlinks 

Acknowledgment backlinks are also known as sponsorship backlinks as well. These sponsorships are known to be the prime marketing strategy for many online businesses. Most businesses will accept your sponsorship and will put your links on their pages. In this way, they get paid for their face value. 

Once you have decided on your target for sponsorship, it is very important to strategize your sponsorship. You have to choose your organization carefully because whatever you support is exactly your niche. 

You can get acknowledged via a backlink when you pay for it. It is that simple. However, the only precaution that you need to take is to formulate a strategy because you are investing your money as well as your content for popularity through the said link. 

Many SEO backlinks may not be in favor of your niche as sponsoring a non-related backlink may harm your website’s traffic. 

Links to be avoided 

As mentioned in the Introduction backlinks can be a tool to build or a hammer to destroy the traffic density of your website. Using quality backlinks and best SEO practices is an art that needs to be mastered before it is implemented in a practical sense. Here are certain backlinks to be avoided for the healthy maintenance of your website traffic and search engine results. 

Paid backlinks 

We use backlinks to rank on Google and other search engines. However, the algorithm of search engines does not favor bought backlinks. The emergence of brought backlinks on your website may need to lower rankings as well as spam backlinks may bring a penalty and defamation to your website’s SERPs position.

Non-Newsworthy Backlinks 

Non-newsworthy backlinks refer to the story published by the Press Organisation. As the name suggests, these kinds of posts do not have any value in customers’ lives and it’s just posted about the marketing move of a company. Backlinks that come from press releases generally turn out to be spam and may prove bad for the ranking of your website. 

Irrelevant Directory Links 

If you create misleading profiles related to your business just to build links, it’s not going to work. It will harm the SEO efforts that you have put into your business, and it will affect the credibility of your brand online. 

Forum Backlinks 

Forum backlinks are the knowledge hub where people go to discuss important topics and knowledge sharing. If you visit these forums to just generate backlinks for your business, it is ultimately going to harm your SEO score and your ranking on Google. On the adverse side, you will also fall short of quality and assurance on the search engine. 

PBNs (Private Blog Networks) 

Private blog network Backlinks are just created from an unverified and unauthenticated network of blogs or websites which circulated articles that are not fact-checked or have a relevance score. These types of backlinks can defame your site and the algorithm may consider your website as adulterated and non-relevant. 


Backlinks are extremely important. They make your website credible and authoritative. The better search engine results make your positioning better in terms of presence and trust. However, backlinks must be like the seasoning on food. Less is okay, okay, the perfect one creates magic, and if you put it more, then it tends to spoil the whole experience. 

Having a link-building strategy where you can acquire the top backlinks and approval from high-authority websites can be extremely crucial for the development of your quality and digital business standards. 

You have to produce and feature engaging content that adds value to readers’ lives. Having quality SEO practices and SEO backlink awareness can improve your website’s ranking in the search engines and can yield better results than you can ever imagine.