Is Link Building Still Effective Post Penguin Update?


May 2017

The history of Panda Panic has been repeated even this year although it was via a different medium! After the April’s Google Penguin update, countless site rankings has been destroyed. Therefore, it is obvious to ask and know about how effective is link building after this penguin update. Also known as the ‘Webspam update’, the Penguin update had tackled with ‘unnatural’ links by remaining with the scope of Google’s definition for it. So, what kinds of links were badly affected by this latest update? Let’s have a look.


The Far-Reaching Effect of the Post Penguin Update

The most badly affected links were the paid links that featured the precise match anchor text. Therefore, sites with numerous inward links with little or no variety in anchor text were hit. Next, the sites or blogs having thousands of crap comments were blocked. This is because Google is in favor of quality comments that are put on high quality sites or blogs. Third, the one-way link networks have also been the worst sufferers.

Fourth, the links with exactly matching anchor text from article directories were criticized. So, it is obvious that the common practice of spamming similar or spun articleswill not work henceforth. Now, the solution is to stick to only some high-quality directories and submit dissimilar articles in each of them. Lastly, the low-quality sites as deemed by Google, which had guest posts, were also penalized. Don’t panic! Not all guest posting sites were hold back! So, how to tackle link building now?

The Future Way to Go

 To find a solution, just remember that you need to be very particular about the types of links pointing to your sites because of the hard-to-beat spy, Google. So, is link building is yet effective with some quality tweaks? Let’s see!

The first tweak is regarding the link from directories. How about obtaining a reference from a high quality article directory like hub pages? Yes, ‘Old is Gold’ holds true now! Believe me; if the site is obtaining links from the article directories with Page Rank (PR)of 3 or more, it will never become the victim of any Google update. So, this can be your major quality link building strategy.

Next, always ensure that your content is unique and useful! You must be writing blogs and articles that must be teaching somebody something or must be giving some valuable tips or suggestions. Such articles are always shared online by the fans and bloggers of your niche provided that the content is suitable and useful.

You also need to pay attention on guest posts that you must submit only on the highest quality sites,we offer Guest posting service to meet this need. What you can then do is provide links to the posts from your site. I mean it! It is safer to be liberal with outbound links even if it means linking to rival sites, provided that it is going to aid your site visitors. The benefit will be seen when other sites respond simultaneously. And luckily, Googlealways favors outbound links!

Lastly, look for most visited forums if you really do not want to rely in link building. Provide valuable content to users and make friends with active people. In this way, you can build relationship and achieve the same that link building can give you!