On Page SEO-Are you Overdoing it ?


May 2017

When it comes to SEO, nothing lasts forever. Blame the amateurs and black hatters who start to abuse the system and make change quite inevitable. Google recently has deindexed a lot of public blog networks that were abusing the system with contextual blog post links.This is a sign how hard folks at Google are working to keep the internet clean, so fellows if you are still using black hat or grey hat methods to make your way through the SERPS its time to slow down.

Its not just building automated backlinks that has to be avoided, you need check your On Page SEO too. A lot of webmasters over do it, they fill up the page with keywords even compromising readability and quality of the content, also internal linking done too much now can affect you badly.

So before Google rolls out the new algorithm update and takes a hard slap on your website, monitor and moderate the following factors :

1) Do not over do the keyword density, 1% is good enough.

2) Do not use more than 1 H1 tag, keep the rest of tags to minimum too.

3) Do not over do Alt tag optimization-Please do not fill every image alt as keyword-img etc.

4) Control your internal linking-Now stop linking every paragraph and phrase of your blog post to something else on your site, keep the obl at any give page less than 10.

Well you are aware of the fact that you should not keep much ads above the fold, so keep it cool and do not try too hard, keep writing good quality content and try to improve your bounce rate, play safe and get Google Love !!