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Weekly SEO News – Implications of New FTC Hearings, Changes Coming to AdWords, and More

Facebook and Google Could Be in The Crosshairs at New FTC Hearings The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has announced new public hearings set for September, 2018 and extending to January, 2019. The hearings, which will be streamed live online, will focus on “Competition and Consumer Protection in the 21st Century.” Specific areas for discussion include antitrust, [...]

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Weekly SEO News – Google, Bing and Facebook put Focus on Ad Targeting, and More

Liveramp Identitylink Comes to Bing Search Ads A June 13 press release from data onboarding and identity resolution provider LiveRamp has revealed that it is making its Identitylink service available on Bing Search Ads. With Identitylink, a brand can target its ads to specific customers when they do searches on Bing. The service has already been [...]

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Weekly SEO News – Bing Ads and Google Make Bold Plays for Advertisers, and More

Both Bing Ads and Google have been busy over the last week rolling out new tools and features. Our Weekly SEO News reveals just what they’ve been up to plus, gives you the early scoop on upcoming events you’ll definitely want to keep tabs on. Bing Ads Makes In-Market Audiences Available to all US Advertisers Following [...]

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Weekly SEO News – GDPR issues, Chrome Security Indicator, Shorter snippets and more

Need to keep on top of what’s happening in the world of SEO? We’ve sifted through the recent major happenings in SEO and our Weekly SEO Round-Up brings it to you in bite-sized bits you can easily digest. Enjoy!   Some US Websites Unprepared for the GDPR Perhaps the biggest news in SEO this week is [...]

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The Art of Email Outreach – Write Effective Outreach Emails for Guest Posts

As one of the leading blogger outreach agencies, we have to make email outreach work for our clients every day. Our unique position also gives us an opportunity to see numerous guest post pitches from other Internet marketers and it constantly surprises us to see how many people get guest post outreach horribly wrong. If you [...]

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SEO 2017: A Beginners Guide [Infographic]

So how do you improve your SEO? How do you get sufficient web traffic from search engines? The bulk of SEO remains the same for 2017. You still need great content, natural and relevant keyword use, and an eye on the technical.   Every online business needs to put effort into SEO. It makes your website [...]

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Infographics vs Contextual Content [Infographic]

Written text can do a lot, but it can do a lot more with the right visual image. The trend of using creative images with minimal text to illustrate statistics and key points is the "Infographic" movement that's revolutionizing online advertising. Lets look at the following Infographic to understand how visual content is different and be [...]

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5 Reasons Why Your Guest Post Pitch Is Failing

Will you wear my letter jacket? Getting someone else to host your content on their website or blog as a guest post is a lot like getting a girl to go steady with you, and then prove it by sporting your letter jacket as proof of your relationship. Just like having a hot girl strut through [...]

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Is Link Building Still Effective Post Penguin Update?

The history of Panda Panic has been repeated even this year although it was via a different medium! After the April’s Google Penguin update, countless site rankings has been destroyed. Therefore, it is obvious to ask and know about how effective is link building after this penguin update. Also known as the ‘Webspam update’, the Penguin [...]

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A Timeline of Panda & Penguin Updates [Infographic]

Ever since the first Panda update back in 2011, the world of SEO has never been the same. What followed could only be termed subtly as a nightmare for every blogger, internet marketer and SEO agency. However Google’s intention to clean up the spam started working out for the greater good (though one could still argue [...]

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