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Why Should a Small Business invest in SEO?

Running a small business in this fierce competition successfully is no joke. Good exposure to the company, its products and services in this digital era is a must. But there are many challenges small businesses face, like having smaller marketing budgets, small number of employees etc. So how would a humble small business compete and conquer their [...]

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Local SEO : Why should you care ?

If you run any kind of business that has location that customers can visit, or one which provides services in a certain local area, then local SEO should definitely be something to care about. Many small business owners have taken some actions to improve their “traditional” SEO, such as improving the speed at which their page [...]

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Link Building Techniques That Work In The Penguin Era

Search engine optimization is something that has been evolving constantly since search engines first came into existence. For years, search engine algorithms were quite predictable and website owners could see success if they followed some pretty simple methods of link building and promotion. Today, however, things are different, especially since the well known Penguin update that [...]

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On Page SEO-Are you Overdoing it ?

When it comes to SEO, nothing lasts forever. Blame the amateurs and black hatters who start to abuse the system and make change quite inevitable. Google recently has deindexed a lot of public blog networks that were abusing the system with contextual blog post links.This is a sign how hard folks at Google are working to [...]

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